Wellness Checks


General Practitioner, Nurse Practitioner, Specialist

Appointment Duration Required

30 Minutes, 60 Minutes

Service Availability

We recommend that from time to time you should have a personal health check.

Early detection of medical problems (physical, mental or emotional) usually results in better health long term.

Please indicate to reception that you require a 30-minute wellness check when you book in. During this time we will talk to you about your lifestyle, review your family medical history and question you on a range of symptoms. You will have a comprehensive examination and in many cases you will have a blood test.

We are particularly interested in identifying and treating risk factors for heart disease, stroke and some cancers. People over 50 are encouraged to have a wellness check yearly.

If you are unsure of who to see or how much time is required to address your specific health need, please phone us on (03) 435 0777.

— Patient Resources