Minor Surgery


General Practitioner

Appointment Duration Required


Service Availability

PM Only, Condition Specific
The doctors at Twizel Medical Centre perform minor surgery.
Our doctors do minor surgery. Excisions are carried out in a dedicated surgical room. Please talk to your doctor about your procedure, as costs will vary.

The doctor will advise you about the best treatment options for skin lesions and moles.

For benign (harmless) lesions and moles, treatment options include cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen), biopsy or removal by excision.

For any suspicious or undetermined lesions or moles, a skin biopsy or excision is usually recommended, so that a tissue sample can be taken and sent to a laboratory to check for the presence of skin cancer. Local anaesthetic is provided for skin excision procedures to minimise pain or discomfort.

We also offer a Mole Map service from the medical centre. Phone 0800 665 362 to make an appointment.

If you are unsure of who to see or how much time is required to address your specific health need, please phone us on (03) 435 0777.

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