Medical Screenings and Workplace Health Assessments


Appointment Duration Required

Service Availability

Twizel Medical Centre provides medical screenings, workplace health assessments and other special examinations.

Twizel Medical Centre provides special examination medical screenings for insurance, pre-employment medicals, workplace health assessments and other purposes such as trade vehicle licenses and vehicle licenses for those aged 70 and over.


Employment Medicals / Workplace Health Assessments

For an employment medical you will need a 30-minute appointment with a GP and a 45-minute appointment with a nurse.

An employment medical or workplace health assessment may include:

• Drug testing/screening
• Vision testing
• Hearing testing
• Weight, height and Body Mass Index
• Lung function
• Blood pressure
• Musculoskeletal assessment

This service is available to registered and non-registered patients. Please phone us on 03 435 0777 and select Option 1 to discuss your needs with a practice nurse.


Drivers Licence Medicals

A motor vehicle license examination (for our enrolled patients) consists of a 30-minute appointment with the doctor. You must complete the Drivers Licence Forms prior to your appointment.


Pilot Medicals

If you require a flight medical, please contact Dr Peter Vujcich on or call 027 548 7931.


Please Note: It is not possible to deal with other health matters during a special purpose examination. If you are unsure of who to see or how much time is required to address your specific health need, please phone us on (03) 435 0777.

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